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Three Quarks for Muster Mark!

Inspired by James Joyce and quantum physics, Three Quarks for Muster Mark! focuses on the unheard and uses discreet silence as the main center of gravity, leading to a beautiful experimentally refined encounter between the electronics and the acoustic instruments where the listening process prevails over everything else. Each musician produces intense morphing textures, putting the matter in revolving motion, allowing at times to be in a complete introspection where every state of life can exist at the same time, and at others to dissolve the mists, giving the impression to float on clouds that are made of a rich and complex substance.



Sylvain Monchocé is a multi-instrumentalist playing the flute, the bass flute, the contrabass flute, the saxophones, the daegeum and the gayageum. Interested in “musique concrète instrumentale”, he developed unique extended techniques for each one of his instruments, producing sounds that are in between electronics and acoustic, with a special interest in breathing granular sounds, multiphonics, overtones and silence. Besides his musical studies and work, he also holds an engineering degree in Optics, a master in Physics and a PhD in Plasma Physics and Attosecond science.

​Jacek Chmiel is a sound artist, field recordist and improviser playing synthesizers, zither, electronics, singing bowls and objects. His deepest interest in sound is to look for new ways to embed all the possibilities of an ever changing electro-acoustic setup in order to reinvent his way of thinking at every second. Being connected to the time, space and layers created by all the sounds he produces, both as a physical fact as well as abstract peculiarities, he delivers a strong, yet delicate and touching, musicality. He graduated MA degree in jazz guitar which was followed by living two years in Nepal where he was the head of the guitar department in Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. Then he moved to Switzerland and graduated with a MA degree in improvisation in Musik Akademie of Basel studying with Andrea Neumann, Alfred Zimmerlin and Fred Frith.

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