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Kamil Korolczuk //
Specialist in sliding between systems and borders. Soundmaker. Uses tape, modular synthesis, field recordings, plunderphonics, feedbacks. Member of various music projects ranging from free improv, through noise to sound collage. Co-curator of a regular series of music events Les tomatoes amplifiées, dedicated to promoting and supporting improvised and experimental music. Co-founder of a discontinued DIY label OSORecords, founder of an upcoming tape label tmrw>

Jacek Chmiel is a sound artist, field recordist and improviser playing synthesizers, zither, electronics, singing bowls and objects. His deepest interest in sound is to look for new ways to embed all the possibilities of an ever changing electro-acoustic setup in order to reinvent his way of thinking at every second. Being connected to the time, space and layers created by all the sounds he produces, both as a physical fact as well as abstract peculiarities, he delivers a strong, yet delicate and touching, musicality. He graduated MA degree in jazz guitar which was followed by living two years in Nepal where he was the head of the guitar department in Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. Then he moved to Switzerland and graduated with a MA degree in improvisation in Musik Akademie of Basel studying with Andrea Neumann, Alfred Zimmerlin and Fred Frith.

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