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Sound Massage

Jacek Chmiel is a skilled practitioner of the sound massage technique developed by Peter Hess. This unique form of therapy uses specially crafted singing bowls to create a deep sense of relaxation and healing through sound vibrations. Jacek has studied and trained extensively with Peter Hess, and brings a deep understanding of this powerful technique to his practice.

During a sound massage session with Jacek, clients can expect to experience a range of sensations, from gentle vibrations to deep resonant tones. The sound waves produced by the singing bowls penetrate deeply into the body, helping to release tension and stress, improve circulation, and promote a sense of calm and well-being.

Jacek’s approach to sound massage is rooted in his belief in the power of sound as a transformative healing tool. He is passionate about helping his clients tap into their innate healing potential, and works closely with each individual to tailor each session to their specific needs and goals.

Article in Grigioni Italiano:

Sound Massage – Waves that make you feel good

Last week, I took advantage of the presence of a “sound masseur,” Jacek Chmiel, in Valposchiavo, to experience something I had heard about but had never tried before: the “sound bath” or “sound massage.” The names of these practices can be misleading: they don’t involve water, and the “masseur’s” hands don’t actually massage you. But there’s a reason they’re called a “bath” and “massage,” and I’m here to explain it.

Jacek Chmiel comes from Poland and trained as a musician at the Conservatory of Venice and in Basel. He is a sound artist and is specializing in improvisation. In his curriculum, he also has training and experience in sound massages using Peter Hess’s technique, the person who invented this kind of “massage” using Tibetan singing bowls. Chmiel lived in Nepal for two years, where he was the head of the guitar department at the jazz conservatory in Kathmandu, and it was there that he acquired his first Tibetan singing bowl.

How does sound massage work? Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and during this activity, it is this body water that comes into play; the sound vibrations of the instruments used are transmitted to the water in our bodies, which is thus influenced. The sound masseur welcomes you, has you lie face down, and covers you with a blanket. He starts by playing the Tibetan singing bowls, whose sound waves propagate throughout the room. Then he approaches and places the bowls on your feet for a few minutes, continuing to play them, and then he places them on certain points on your back. Halfway through the massage, he has you turn over and continues.

Thanks to Jacek, I found the sound bath experience extremely relaxing. The vibrations transferred to the body give you a general sense of well-being as if you were being pampered, and the enveloping and caressing sounds of the bowls seem to massage your mind. At the end of the 50-minute session, I felt comfortable, almost in another dimension, a sensation that was almost primordial and unconscious, as if I was in the womb of my mother.

I did some research on this practice. I discovered that, in addition to being deeply relaxing, sound massage has a calming effect and is ideal for reducing tension, anxiety, and depression, and generally increasing psychophysical well-being and recharging the “batteries” of your body. It is also practiced for those who have unresolved inner traumas.

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