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Jacek Chmiel: electronics, zither
Lara Süss: voice, sampler
Thomas Rohrer: rabeca, saxophone, objects
Christian Moser: çümbüş, electronics

Grüm is the collaboration of four different characters who, inspired by their fervent
enthusiasm for experimental forms of music, have come together to form a quartet.
Jacek Chmiel (electronics, zither), Lara Süß (voc), Thomas Rohrer (rabeca, saxophone)
and Christian Moser (çümbüş, electronics), embark on a creative journey of exploration,
continuously striving to unite and ultimately transform the unusual soundscapes
of their instruments in multifaceted musical combinations. The musicians pursue a
committed and consistent direction in their collaborative creative process, which is
straightforward and unpretentious. With devotion, they delve deep into the facets
of sounds and thus enable each other to explore individual and collective acoustic
spaces. The instrumental and vocal dialogue is complex and multi-layered – yet
the musicians‘ nuanced abilities and skills create varied and transparent music that
demands the listener‘s attention.

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