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“Sonic Journey”: A Multisensory Sonic Experience

Prepare to embark on a captivating auditory voyage with Jacek Chmiel’s “Sonic Journey.” This immersive solo project by the seasoned sound artist, field recordist, improviser, and musician invites you to explore the rich tapestry of soundscapes he’s meticulously crafted from his worldwide travels.

Jacek Chmiel’s musical journey is deeply rooted in his extensive background, including studies in jazz guitar across Europe and a tenure as the head of the guitar department at the Katmandu Jazz Conservatory. He further honed his craft with an MA degree in improvisation at the Music Academy of Basel, mentored by acclaimed artists like Fred Frith, Andrea Neumann, and Alfred Zimmerlin.

In “Sonic Journey,” Jacek Chmiel shares a collection of field recordings that encapsulate the essence of different countries and his own personal experiences. These recordings range from the soothing cadence of ocean waves captured during his Brazilian expedition to the serene hush of a frozen Swiss lake. Each sound is a brushstroke on an audio canvas, painting vivid landscapes that transport listeners across the globe.

Beyond his musical expertise, Jacek Chmiel is also a certified sound massage practitioner, skilled in the Peter Hess technique. This holistic background subtly infuses his music, adding a unique tactile dimension to the auditory journey. As you listen, you may find that his improvisations have a therapeutic quality, allowing you to feel the music as much as you hear it.

“Sonic Journey” is an exploration of sound’s power to evoke emotions, memories, and a profound sense of place. Close your eyes, immerse yourself in the music, and discover the world anew through Jacek Chmiel’s expertly crafted sonic landscapes.

Experience “Sonic Journey” and let the music carry you away on a multisensory adventure that transcends boundaries and resonates deeply with the soul.

Pictures taken by Sheldon Suter

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