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Jacek Chmiel/Thomas Rohrer

Jacek Chmiel zither, electronics, singing bowls, objects, field recordings
Thomas Rohrer rabeca, soprano saxophone, objects, field recordings

Jacek Chmiel and Thomas Rohrer collaborate to create a unique and immersive sonic experience that blends field recordings with free improvisation on various instruments. Jacek’s diverse skill set as a sound artist, field recordist, sound engineer, photographer, and improviser allows him to approach sound from a multitude of angles. Meanwhile, Thomas’ expertise in free improvisation on the rabeca and soprano saxophone enables him to seamlessly weave his music with the field recordings he makes himself.

Thomas’ extensive experience as a field recordist allows him to capture sounds from a wide range of environments and contexts, adding an extra layer of authenticity and depth to their sonic portrait. Together, Jacek and Thomas aim to explore the boundaries of sound and create a sonic experience that captures the essence of their environment. Their free improvisation style allows them to adapt to each other’s sounds in real time, creating a constantly evolving soundscape that is truly one of a kind. The resulting sonic experience is a mesmerizing and immersive journey that transports listeners to new realms of auditory perception.

The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp: February 2023:

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