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Jacek Chmiel is a versatile artist, wearing multiple hats as a sound artist, sound engineer, improviser, and photographer. He passionately explores his artistic interests through a range of mediums, including synthesizers, zither, electronics, singing bowls, objects, and the lens of a camera.

His sonic explorations are centered around finding innovative ways to incorporate the limitless possibilities of an ever-evolving electroacoustic setup, allowing him to continually reshape his creative thinking. In parallel, his photographic lens captures the world’s textures and realities in a unique manner.

Jacek’s artistic journey began with the completion of a bachelor’s degree in jazz guitar at the State Higher Vocational School in Nysa, Poland, in 2012. Just a year later, in 2013, he was one of the founders of the collective called “Elementary Particles,” marking another significant step in his artistic career.

In 2016, pursuing his musical passions, Jacek earned a master’s degree in jazz guitar from the prestigious Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello in Venice, Italy, graduating with honors. That same year, he achieved third place in the Peggy Finzi competition, further solidifying his artistic achievements.

Subsequent years brought forth new challenges and unique projects. In 2019, he released the tape of his project “Telmetale” under the Berlin-based TMRW label. Over the following years, numerous other recordings, such as “Objects” and “Sounds from Chácara,” enriched his musical portfolio.

Jacek’s artistic pursuits extend beyond music creation; he also has a passion for field recordings, which he incorporates into his improvisations, infusing his compositions with unique sounds and atmospheres. His solo project is deeply connected to his travels and the places he has lived, enabling him to capture fascinating sounds from various corners of the world. Among these locations, countries like Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, and the United Kingdom stand out, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for crafting emotionally charged and authentic soundscapes.

In addition to his musical and sonic endeavors, Jacek is an accomplished photographer. He has already held an exhibition in Monte Verità titled “Textured Realities,” which showcased his photography along with QR codes linking to field recordings. This innovative fusion of visual and auditory art added another dimension to his creative expression.

The following years were marked by numerous successes, including the release of albums like “grü​m: zeroes on the loose” and “BOLEK I LOLEK: Na Dzikim Zachodzie/Skutki Uboczne” in 2021, as well as “Meandertale – Obsessions,” “Jacek Chmiel – Tales From Brazil,” “Sheldon Suter/Jacek Chmiel/Nicolas Monguzzi – Éther,” “Diciotto – Dis​-​Connected,” and “Sous Sol – Carovana 091” in 2022. Jacek also had the pleasure of participating in Fred Frith’s project at the “Taktlos-Festival – Failing Better” in Zurich.

Driven by his artistic ambitions, Jacek collaborates with various record labels, releasing his compositions on both CD and online platforms. Through his relentless exploration and passion for sound and photography, he continues his artistic journey, creating multidimensional art full of expression and emotion.

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